Nora is a true Blessing from God. Her God given gift as a spiritual conduit and an empath was immediately felt and sensed by me in my session with her yesterday. I could feel my head being held by the angels in a most loving, healing way, ending with a gentle release of butterfly-like energies floating away above my head. But you need not take my word for it, because my high strung, very sensitive, 16 year old cat recognized it in Nora as well during his session. I could feel his muscles immediately relax and a complete calm flow over his body. That from a cat who NEVER takes to any strangers! If you are a seeker of real heartwarming, spiritual peace, then I suggest you look no further than Nora.


🌈A.S.~ "Thank you Nora for an amazing session. Can't even describe how much better I feel now, than before we started. I went from incredible discomfort to clear, relaxed and ready for dinner. 
NORA~ "It is my honor. Feel good & sleep well my friend. God & the healing team did it, not me.
A.S.~ "I know God and the healing team did it, but you are the Celestial Maestro directing the operation!!!!!"🌈


Where do I begin? 

Nora is AMAZING. I am so grateful to have come across Nora's services. Speaking with her over the phone, prior to the actual healing session, was a healing session in itself. She is incredibly understanding and able to help me find clarity in all aspects of my life. My energy felt so heavy and she was able to lift me up as though I was 100 pounds lighter. I had an ongoing skin issue on my eyes for nearly a month, which was cleared up a day or two after our first session. She is such a beautiful soul which makes this session such a treat- I always leave it FLOODING with joy! 

As for the actual angels healing session, I feel so light and happy. I returned to a beautiful tunnel of stars and saw a few visions (one including a passed grandmother). It was as though an angelic light was beaming from my crown chakra and into my soul- it felt amazing. I also couldn't stop giggling throughout the healing session- the energy felt so wonderful and light. I 110% recommend this to anyone open to the experience, you will leave it feeling so light and calm.

I look forward to my future sessions with her!

xo Jenni


A session with Nora is a fully enlightening experience which will provide you with much more than you might anticipate.  Nora is a fully grounded, realistic and an insightful individual who is in the business of helping others.  Unlike most Light workers, she will grant you as much time as is necessary in order for you to both come to rest on the same page.  Part friend-therapist-teacher and all Light worker, her scheduling is managed with this in mind and her focus is fully on you throughout any session.  This is a humble yet extremely learned individual, very connected to God and the Light, schooled well in her craft, and an advanced level Light worker with many years of verifiable experience.  The time to speak to Nora and to absorb her wisdom and knowledge is as rewarding as the distance healing that follows.  You will find her bright, engaging, able to read your needs, and consistent in her approach.  She will unquestionably connect you to the Light during your session and you will be able to validate this. You will be provided appropriate tools to help you move forward, to generate change, to create comfort.   While there are many that refer to themselves as Light workers and healers, few can actually pass muster.  Feel comfortable in knowing that you have been guided to Nora and her Angels for a reason.  ~R.R.

Nora, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for one of the most unique and absolutely amazing Distance Healing! You and your beautiful Angelic Spiritual team of Healers, allowed me to experience such an uplifting Spiritual cleansing! Since I am a Psychic Medium, it was even more enjoyable that I was able to speak with your Angelic Spiritual team while they healed me! They linked with my energy so I knew what they were doing, and what part of my body they were working on. It was amazing that they worked two separate times on my right hand. I had severed my pinky tendon and cannot bend it completely.  I had been experiencing chronic pain throughout my entire right hand for the last few months. After my session, the pain subsided and has not come back! All the sensations I felt during my entire session were beyond words! You have such a strong and Divine connection, you are truly a highly gifted and advanced healer. You are such a down to earth, compassionate and loving person, which truly adds more blessings to your healing abilities!
I highly recommend everyone to experience a Healing from Nora. She will also align and clear your chakras from anything that may be blocking them, and bring balance back to your body. I felt energized for days after and still felt the effects weeks later! Looking forward to my next session!
You are the best of the best!
~Gina M. Tomasino, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Advisor. 

Thank you Nora! You have given me a clearer direction.  I feel thoroughly relaxed and peaceful, and more importantly there is no physical pain with my SI joint. I can feel the positive, healing energy during each session all the way out here in Hawai'i :)... I will always be grateful for how Nora has helped me.  I believe there are no coincidences and I found Nora for a reason!  It is truly a unique service and one that we all deserve.
~S.W.  Hawai'i

The Brilliant Soul of Nora's Being shines through in her healing energy and is felt on a very deep, loving level"
~Reverend J.M. Reiki Master

 My experience with Nora was amazing! Nora did a healing on my husband. After he had a fall,  he was in a lot of pain. The pain subsided quite a bit after the energy healing . That night was the first night my husband had a full night’s sleep. He also suffers from insomnia so this was huge for him. Needless to say my husband has not had any trouble sleeping since then !  I would highly recommend Nora to anybody.

My healings with Nora are so calming and tranquil. I felt so much at peace.  I felt so much better after each healing was done. It was like she pulled out all of the negative energy that I was carrying around both physically and emotionally.
Nora has been given an amazing gift and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone in need of a healing.  
~Carol T. Long Island, NY

Nora has a special ability to tap into the upper realms and channel healing energy directly to where it is needed most. She is a compassionate, caring soul. You will feel relaxed and restored after your session with her. - Lora Sasiela

I felt warm and very relaxed. At peace... like things are going to be okay. Which is not something I've felt for a while.


Nora is a conduit for Prime Source Energy.
During my distance and in-person sessions I felt a warm, wonderful, safe, peaceful, relaxing sensation through my body. I was able to focus and think clearly. My anxiety was gone. I felt extremely grounded & balanced for days.
~N. T.

Nora is a natural healer. The healing energy I experienced was amazing!  
~ Laura M.

My experience was great, as expected. I felt energized for most of the day after my session. That evening,  I experienced a very deep & restful sleep.  The next day I woke up feeling refreshed, I did not smoke (I have been trying to quit) and I felt no stress. I will be sure to contact Nora in the future for another session. Looking forward to it!

~ K.S.                            

I felt awesome after my session. I'm really happy I got a chance to meet with you. What you do is amazing and I really feel like you gave me my life back. I can't wait to do it again.  My husband saw such an improvement with me he would like to book a session with you as well. Thanks again!

~ S.N.

My session with Nora was truly amazing. From the visual images that popped into my head to the physical & emotional feelings I experienced. I LOVED IT!  Life changing!
~N.M. N.J.

I had tendonitis in my hand. After having surgery, I had a session with Nora.  She took her hands and put them close to my hand and I immediately felt warmth, energy and healing. The Doctor was impressed with how quickly my hand healed. Thanks Nora!

Nora's healing energy is like Reiki on steroids!
~ H.R


This was something completely new to me. The time was peaceful, reassuring. For several days I felt lighter.  At one point I felt as though I was dreaming - and perhaps I was - but that's what made the time special - I was open to a new experience.  Highly recommend!