Angels Are Healing Energy Healer Channeling Divine Energy Healing


I Am Just The Channel

My name is Nora Hazel.  I am a conduit of Divine Energy Healing that is channeled through me.  I am Angelically and spiritually guided to channel and direct God's Divine Healing Energy to you. This Prime Source energy belongs to all of us. As a healer I facilitate the connection.

In addition to being blessed with the gift of being a healer, I am also empathic. Early on in my exploration of my gifts, I became certified in two different energy healing modalities. I found that both of these healing modalities were limited for me and did not begin to scratch the surface of what I innately felt and knew of God's Powerful and Limitless Divine energy.  

This Divine Energy heals on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. It helps ease grief, break patterns & addictions. It balances & cleanses all chakras & can open & enhance your intuition. It instills peace, calmness, intense relaxation & quiet confidence. Most feel enlightened & euphoric after a session. 

To define what happens during a healing session with me would put limitations on it and God's Divine Love and Light have no limitations. All is possible through God.

I have been helping others as a conduit of Divine Energy  Healing since 2007.

It is my honor to be able to share this gift with you.