Divine Distance Healing


Divine Distance Healing

Divine Healing Energy Channeled from Above. The Divine Healing happens in the comfort and safety of your own home.  I work from my location as the conduit to channel Angelically Guided Divine Healing Energy directly to you.

Your Guides and Angels are in control and know exactly what you need.

This Divine Energy restores your physical, mental and emotional well being leaving you cleansed, balanced and rejuvenated.

It helps ease grief, break patterns & addictions. It balances & cleanses all chakras & can open & enhance your intuition. It instills peace, calmness, intense relaxation & quiet confidence. Most feel enlightened & euphoric after a session. All is possible through God.

Why Distance Only?

I only offer distance healing sessions, which actually feel like in-person healing sessions, if not stronger. The reason for this is simply to maintain a calm, comfortable, safe and familiar environment for my clients.  Often clients choose to fall asleep after a healing session. Healing at home enables one to truly enjoy the healing energy experience with a calm mindset.  Distance sessions also save travel time and expense.

Distance sessions are especially beneficial to those who are confined to their home or bed. Those recuperating from illness or surgery benefit as well.  It is extremely convenient for patients recovering in all rehabilitation facilities.

Who Can Benefit? Everyone!



All members of your Family can benefit. Adults and Children. 




All animals can benefit and enjoy the healing energy.


Elderly & Convalescing


All Elderly and those who are convalescing, immobile, suffering from addiction or in any rehabilitation facility can benefit.