Energy Healing Services

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Nora Hazel Angels Are Healing does not purport to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Nora Hazel Angels Are Healing makes no specific claims, promises or guarantees, and is neither diagnosing nor treating any specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeking and continuing your medical care with appropriate licensed healthcare providers. Do NOT change or discontinue any medical therapy and or medication without first seeking the advice of and consulting your licensed physicians and or psychiatrists or veterinarians. When providing this work, Nora Hazel Angels Are Healing is serving SOLELY as your practitioner of Distance Energy Healing and not as your medical provider.  YOU are solely responsible for your own medical treatment and care. 

By purchasing one or more distance energy healing sessions you acknowledge and agree with the above statement and make no claim against healer Nora Hazel Angels Are Healing.